Mediations facilitated by the Yukon Dispute Resolution Board will usually take place in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Yukon Dispute Resolution Board may however, authorize mediation to take place in other locations throughout Yukon, after considering the parties and issues involved in a particular matter.

Each party to a Settlement Agreement has a right to be a Party to a dispute arising out of that Settlement Agreement.

Other interested or potentially affected parties may have the right to participate in the mediation on such terms as the mediator may establish.

Any party requesting the dispute resolution process may do so by providing notice to the Yukon Dispute Resolution Board and to each of the other parties involved in the dispute.  On receipt of notice the Board shall contact all parties to the Dispute and ascertain their willingness to proceed to mediation.

Upon confirmation of the cooperation of the parties to a dispute, the Board will provide each party with a copy of the DRB Panel of Mediators.

The parties then have 15 days to advise the Board in writing of their choice of mediator. In the event that a mediator is not chosen from the list provided by the Board and the parties wish to proceed to mediation, a mediator will be appointed by the Board.

In preparation for the mediation, each of the parties will be expected to complete a DRB Mediation Disclosure Form in which they will describe the issues and provide copies of any documents that might assist the mediator and the other parties.

The first four hours of the mediator’s fees shall be the responsibility of the Yukon Dispute Resolution Board. Thereafter, the mediator’s fees shall be borne equally by the parties to the mediation. All administration and travel expenses incurred by the mediator shall be at the discretion and approval of the Yukon Dispute Resolution Board.

A mediation shall not exceed four hours unless the mediator and the parties to the dispute agree to continue with the process.

A complete copy of the DRB Rules and Procedures is available on request or downloaded from this site.