The mandate of the Yukon Dispute Resolution Board is set out in Chapter 26 of the Umbrella Final Agreement (“UFA”) and the Yukon First Nation Final Agreements. The Yukon Dispute Resolution Board provides and administers a comprehensive dispute resolution process to resolve disputes arising from the interpretation, administration or implementation of settlement agreements or settlement legislation.  The mediation process facilitates the out-of-court resolution of disputes in a confidential, non-adversarial and informal atmosphere. The types of matters which can be referred to mediation are as follows:

  • Any matter which the Umbrella Final Agreement refers to the Dispute Resolution process (;
  • Any matter which a Settlement Agreement, a Yukon First Nation self- government agreement or any other agreement between the parties to a Yukon First Nation Final Agreement refers to the dispute resolution process (;
  • Any other matter which at any time all parties to a Settlement Agreement agree should be referred to the dispute resolution process whether or not related to a Settlement Agreement (

The Yukon Dispute Resolution Board has three members who are jointly appointed by the Council of Yukon First Nations, the Government of Yukon, and the Government of Canada to serve three year terms. One member is appointed to act as Chair and the Board is supported by an Executive Director.